Humanscale VESSEL Lighting

  • Brands Humanscale
  • Model FZHUMA27
  • Stock availability In Stock
Vessel’s LED light source is concealed above a high-quality quartz cylinder. Light is refracted downward through a finely tuned, solid body and appears as though it is emanating from an unseen origin. This effect, called total internal reflection, provides balanced, high-performance surface illumination. The quartz cylinder contains 99.99% pure Silicon dioxide (SiO2), which undergoes an extensive 9-step process that includes milling, acid bathing, sand blasting and finally, fire flame polishing. This unique process and attention to detail creates the most optically pure body available in the lighting industry.
Product Type Lighting
Application Type Office
Color/Finish NA
Place of Origin USA
Warranty All Lighting products - 10 Years, 24/7 Warranty / Vessel power supply driver - 3 Years 24/7 Warranty for the power supply driver
Packaging Details Standard Sea Worth Packing
Delivery Detail We ship in 1-2 weeks depending on the configuration.
Key Features FEATURES Celebrated Design Vessel has a minimal aesthetic that evokes simplicity and refinement. Its honest and timeless design has received multiple industry accolades, including the Best of Year award from Interior Design magazine. Versatility Offering beautiful light quality, Vessel is available in a neutral (3500K) or warm tone (2700K). Offering three optic length sizes, Vessel produces a dramatic display when hung or mounted collectively and is an elegant solution for installations far beyond the corporate environment — including hospitality and residential settings. Industry Innovation Vessel’s fusion of cutting-edge functionality and beauty places it into a class of its own, beyond any other decorative and architectural lighting category that exists today.
Load capacity/Life Cycle Our lighting products are made of non-porous materials which are stain-resistant. To clean surfaces simply dust with a soft cloth.
Power(W) NA
Thickness NA
Voltage NA
Is Assembly Required NA
Supply Ability NA
Legal Disclaimer NA
Lead Time NA
Special Service NA
Model Number Vessel
Certification NA
Trade Terms NA
Payment Terms NA
Brand Name Humanscale
Net weight NA
Dimension(L*W*H) Length: Small: 3.4”, Medium: 6.6”, Large: 9.9”
Style NA
Shipping Weight NA
Shipping Port NA
Inner Filling Material NA
Assembly Type NA

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