About FitoutZ

1.    How do I rank higher for my products?

To improve the ranking performance of your products, we recommend you optimize the keywords in Meta Tag keywords on the general section of the product upload and add as much relevant information in the product details as possible from the Attribute section. You may also consider becoming a Paid Subscriber for additional perks.

2.    Can I register on Fitoutz.com.com as supplier if I don't have a company?

If you are a supplier but don't have a company on Fitoutz.com, it may be unsuitable for you to register as a supplier, since Fitoutz.com is a business to business website, which means suppliers should register as company members.

Since you are individual supplier and want to buy, we advise you register as buyer.

Click here about how to register.

3.    What is the membership fee on Fitoutz.com?

There are several types of membership on Fitoutz.com. Write to info@fitoutz.com or sales@fitoutz.com or Call 9513616151

4.    How can I switch member role between buyer and supplier at Fitoutz.com?

All the suppliers have the option to Buy products on FitoutZ.

5.    What is the difference between Free and Paid Membership?

The main differences between free members and paid members are the following features:

Ø   Product Posting

Ø   Priority Ranking

Ø   Customized Website

6.    Is there any office of Fitoutz Group around the world?

Fitoutz.com is an online market for buyers and suppliers to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online. Normally, buyers and sellers will buy and sell in large quantity. Fitoutz.com is neither a manufacturer nor a trading company. We have Registered office in Bengaluru, India.

7.    Under what circumstances can the buyer not get the service guarantee?

The seller is not liable for the buyer's reasons (including but not limited to modifying the order content, changing the logistics information, not contacting, refusing to provide packaged label information, refusing to pay and rejecting the goods, etc.) or force majeure causing the seller to fail to provide the service.

8.    Do you have a sales department?

Yes, we have. If you want to upgrade to our Subscriptions, info@fitoutz.com or sales@fitoutz.com or Call 9513616151.

About Account Management

1.    How do I modify my account information?

Please follow below steps to manage your account information.

1.    Go to My Profile

2.       Update your Information and click on save

To modify other information like contact details and password Click on My Account and update.

2.    How do I report the suspicious member?

Write to info@fitoutz.com for assistance.

3.    How can I register an account on Fitoutz.com?

           1.     Go to My Account, click Register

        2.    Enter the requested details, check the terms & conditions and click on submit

        3.    A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox

4.    How do I remove my account information from Fitoutz.com permanently?

 Write to info@fitoutz.com for assistance.

5.    How do I cancel my membership?

Write to info@fitoutz.com for assistance.

6.    What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, you could try to retrieve password by following below steps:

1.  Click “Forgot Password” on the Sign In page

2.  Fill in your registered email address and click 'Continue'

3.  An email with confirmation link will be sent to your registered email ID where you can change the password.

7.    How do I subscribe newsletter service on Fitoutz.com?

Check the "Yes" to subscribe to our newsletter at the time of registration


   Enter your email ID and click on “Subscribe”


8.    I want to change email, but have no access to my old one. What should I do?

If you don't have access to your current registered email address, please contact our Customer Service Team at info@fitoutz.com with new email address so we could replace the old one for you.

 Note: Please ensure the new email address provided has not been used previously, since one email address can only be used for one single account.        

9.    What can I do if my account is stolen?

 If you suspect your account was used by someone without consent, please follow below steps:

1.    Please sign into the account to check if any information has changed, reset your password to enhance account security

2.    If you cannot access your account any more, please contact Fitoutz.com Customer Service Team directly to get more support

10.   What can I do if I forgot my account ID or email address?

To help you retrieve your account, please contact Customer Service Team and provide as much information as you can, so we could try to locate the account for you, such as:

Email address

Order number

Member name

Company Name

11.   How do I protect my password?

 Tips to improve account security

 1. Set a secure password

      * Use a combination of letters or numbers, e.g. beatlesfan28, with no spaces between

      * Use multiple words and numbers without spaces, e.g. thebestboss84

      * Never use single words that can be found in any dictionary, e.g. manager or bamboo

      * Never use personal information others can easily obtain or guess, e.g. your name, phone number, or birth date

      * Never use your email address as the password

      * Never use common passwords, e.g. 123456 or ABCDEF

 2. Sign into Fitoutz.com regularly

       Signing into FitoutZ ensures your account information does not go out of date

  3. Mind the requests for private or sensitive info

       Never click the links in emails to access Fitoutz.com web page, if you suspect the message might not be from Fitoutz. Avoid filling in forms in email messages or responding to requests from sellers that ask for your personal information, such as Customer ID, password and credit card information.

Important: If you suspect that an unauthorized party has already accessed or attempted to access your account, please click here to get more guidance.

12.   My account was deactivated. Where can I still find my account info in the search results?

Once an account is deactivated, any related information will be removed from Fitoutz.com within 24 hours. During that time period, you can still manage your complaints and on-going orders if there are any.

If still remains after 24 hours, please contact Customer Service Team and provide the link for further checking.

13.   How do I change my email address?

Go to My Account > Edit Account and update your email ID and Submit.

Go to My Account > View Profile and update your Email ID and Save.

14.   What can I do if I failed to sign in with correct ID or password?

 If you cannot sign into your Fitoutz.com account with correct ID and password, here are some suggestions:

1.    As the password is case sensitive, please check if 'Caps Lock' on your keyboard is on

2.    Please try to copy and paste the password to sign in and make sure you don't enter blank spaces before and after your password

3.    Please clear your browser cookies or change a browser to have a try

4.    Please try to retrieve your password to see if a new password can resolve it

15.   What can I do if I misspelled my email address when registering?

If you misspelled the email address during registration, please contact our Customer Service Team with correct email address so we could replace the incorrect one for you.

Note: Please ensure the correct email address provided has not been previously, since one email address can only be used for one single account.

16.   What can I do if my information was misused by other companies?

Please be advised that Fitoutz.com takes the information privacy seriously. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

17.   Can I change my Customer ID?

 Customer ID is automatically generated when you registered and it can't be changed.     For your kind information, it will not affect the use of your account.

18.   How long does the Free Membership last?

If you have registered a free account and it's decided at low risk of fraud by Fitoutz.com, you can use it forever currently. However, if this policy is changed in the future, FitoutZ will reserve the right for the change.

19.   Can I change my business role?

The business role was defined when you registered the account and it cannot be changed after account registration completed.

20.   How are suppliers recommended to buyers?

 We recommend suppliers who match the requirements from buyers. Suppliers can enhance their chances of being recommended by doing the following:

a. Complete their business information, including: personal photo, personal profile, company logo, company profile.

b. Increase the overall response level from buyers. If suppliers receive more views or inquiries from buyers; this will positively affect their recommendation frequency.

c. More interactive: reply inquiries timely, quote actively, exchange business cards via Connections, and establish business partnerships, all of which will be beneficial in enhancing the chance to be recommended.

21.   Who can add tags for me?

Suppliers who visit your profile can add tags for you


1.    How do I contact suppliers?

You can contact supplier on Search List page through their respective Brand or you could click "Request Quote" button to send an inquiry to the supplier through email.

2.    How do I add a product to Wishlist?

In every product detail page, there is a “Wishlist” button. Please click on it to add to "Wishlist"

3.    How to get more accurate search results?

When using the search bar, you can try the following Search Tips:

        1. If the results are unsatisfactory, reduce the number of words in your search (e.g., "office chair framework" instead of "high head rest office chair")

        2. Avoid keywords that are too specific or specialized

        3.Only search for one product at a time

        4. Don't include a country/region's name in your search (e.g., "Chair Germany")

        5. Don't include words like "buyer" or "seller" in your keyword phrase (e.g., "chair seller").

        6. Try search without quotation marks (e.g. chair)

Business Negotiation

1.    What is Request Quote?

Request Quote helps you find the right suppliers. Submit a Request Quote form telling the suppliers what you are looking for exactly and you might receive quotes from suppliers within 24 hours.

2.    How can I delete Request Quote?

Request Quote cannot be deleted.

3.    Where can I check my quotations?

You will receive an email and request you to check your inbox of the email ID provided in the Request Quote form.

4.    Can I hide my contact details?

Yes. We value your privacy as much as you do therefore, all your contact information is hidden by default.

5.    How can I add products to my Cart?

If you are interested in a product on Fitoutz.com, go to the product detail page and click Add to Cart, which is located below the product name.

Place Order 

1.    Can I change my shipping address?

Whether the shipping address can be modified depends on the order status.

2.    How long will my order be modified?

After you sent modification request for our customer service team, we request you to please contact our customer service team to modify it accordingly. As to when modification is complete is dependent on the supplier.

3.    How do I place order with Shopping Cart?

Currently the Shopping Cart function only applies to the ready-to-ship products that can be purchased directly on Fitoutz.com. Once you find an eligible product you'd like to purchase, you can place the order.

4.    How can I make a sample order?

The products listed on Fitoutz.com belongs to our respectful supplier members. As a third platform we do not produce or sell any products. Thus, if you want to order a sample, you need to place an order for a single product directly to check.

Order Receipt 

1.    How do I confirm order receipt?

The order receipt will be confirmed manually or automatically by the system.

To view order receipt, please go to My Orders.

2.    How do I trace my order with the tracking number?

Orders will be shipped via road / air / ship or other methods by the seller and the AWB number will be shared with you.

Order Feedback

1.    How do I check supplier's feedback made by other buyers?

Currently you could check the supplier's Rating & Reviews on their individual products by the buyers.

2.    When is buyer feedback added to labels?

All buyer feedback is added to labels within 24 hours of the initial feedback being received.

Others for Sellers

1.    Why my product is not approved?

Usually it might be due to that you have posted Banned or Brand products. Please log in Fitoutz account and go to My Account – My Products – to check the status. Write to us at info@fitoutz.com for further assistance.

2.    How do I delete a product?

To delete your products posted, please take the steps below:

Go to My Products, and you'll see all products posted. Check the Product and delete

You can also to write to info@fitoutz.com with all the details of the product or call on 9513616151 for assistance.

3.    How to post a High-Quality Product?

Completion and professionalism are both important to post quality products.

Product Name, Categories, Features, Pictures, Details, Trading Condition etc. all matter a lot for buyers’ purchase decision. They also influence your product and company ranking directly on Fitoutz.

        1. Choose the right category. Avoid putting products under irrelative categories. Wrong categories bring less chance of products being searched and wasted the exposure opportunity.

        2. Pictures are very important for buyers. Research shows that buyers prefer high definition pictures of real products because they help them understand your products and make purchase decisions.

        3. A clear and nice layout helps attract buyers’ attention and trust. Specification section should be displaying your products with all details of the product, company, capacity, etc.   4. Pictures stolen from other suppliers are strictly forbidden on Fitoutz. It not only hurts buyers’ trust in you, but will also bring penalty to your account.

        5. Avoid repetition. Product Names such as “Office Chair, Executive Chair, Swing” are considered as repetition and not good for product ranking or buyer preference.

        6. Focus promotion on competitive products.

        7. Based on exposure, clicks and transaction data, there is a comprehensive buyer preference mode that influences products ranking. The products that suit the market trend, with buyer preferred information displayed get more chances.

4.    Can free member put items for sell?

Yes. Free member can display up to 50 products online after email verification to let buyers come to you. Please enter My Account-My Products add New Product to check whether your account has the function to display product.

5.    How do I edit my product posted on Fitoutz.com?

Go to My Account – My Products and edit the products accordingly. You can reach out to our customer service at info@fitoutz.com for assistance.

6.    How do I start with my account as supplier?

Register a new account with a new email Id that is previously not used and check on the seller.

7.    To start your business as supplier, please take the following steps:

        1. Register an account here first

        2. Post your products under the account


As free member, you can post at most 50 products. To get more business opportunities, you are suggested to upgrade to annual subscription. Write to info@fitoutz.com to learn more.

8.    How do I buy on Fitoutz.com?

          Step 1. Find products/suppliers you are interested with on Fitoutz.com

        There are mainly two methods to find products on Fitoutz.com:

            1) Enter keywords and search on Fitoutz.com home page

          Step 2. Fill the Quote Request Form to negotiate the product/order details (such as product price, shipping method, shipping cost etc.)

          Step 3.  After all order details make the payment through the link sent to you.

9.    Do I need to own a company to be a buyer?

If you are an individual buyer and don't have a company, you can still join Fitoutz.com, Enter your full name in Company Name section.

10.   How can I switch member role between buyer and supplier at Fitoutz.com?

Please write to info@fitoutz.com for assistance.

11.   How do I hide my personal contact info?

Your contact information will only be accessed by sellers with whom you have placed an order and will never be published on Fitoutz.com.