Salon Furniture: Styles that Help you Create Styles

Salon Furniture: Styles that Help you Create Styles

Surviving stern deadlines, work pressure and cut throat competition has today escalated stress levels to mind boggling highs. Fitness of both the body and the mind are one of the best ways to beat the daily stress.  Since fitness is not just about a fitter leaner body but also a lot about “feeling good”, the world of styling and image management is buzzing with activity.

Styling salons once graced only by fashion conscious ladies and socialites are today unisex spaces, becoming a lifestyle essential. This has thrown salon furniture squarely into the limelight, highlighting the need for trendy and functional salon chairs, hair wash stations, and spa beds.

Trends sweeping the Indian grooming industry

Hair salons for some may appear to be a traditional business but technology has disrupted the way salons and spa industry operate. Today, everything from use of tech enabled applications and streaming music to the temperatures and lighting controls have a role to play. Nothing, however, is more intimate in a styling experience than the salon furniture.

The average time a consumer spends in the saloon has increased. With the Indian beauty and salon industry pegged to touch $2.68 Billion by 2020 , salons offering innovative services with top salon furniture would be undoubtedly emerging winners.

Why salon furniture and furnishings are so important

With more people planning periodic trips to their nearest hair stylist or spa therapist, just having a salon or spa may not be enough to attract clients. Everything from the ambiance to the selection of the salon furniture, the use of comfortable chairs, trained professionals, and plethora of services, all fuse together for an unforgettable experience.

A simple search for ‘salon chair online’, for example, is likely to throw hundreds of results. Successful salons are not only making furniture selection their priority but also blending it with their services and experiences provided rather than just opting for the cheapest furniture offering.

Salons and spas today offer a range of services in a cozy environment, with consumers spending more average times than ever before in styling and body treatments. Having an uncomfortable waiting area or a bad salon chair, a gaudy spa bed, or an unwieldy hair wash station can have a direct impact on customer experience and loyalty. Today, everything from material to design characteristics has a role to play in elevating the customer experience and positioning your brand as a premium salon or spa.

A simple but handy salon furniture buying guide

Successful salons and spas offer customized user experience built around their furniture and furnishing elements. Depending on the underlying theme, salon furniture must be personalized while still retaining the essentials of ease of use, optimum space utilization, and durability intact.

Another largely ignored aspect in evaluating furniture design is the role of water or chemical proof compatibility with salon furniture exposed to constant chemicals and water exposure. So, while suede or leather may look chic and jazzy, it may not be the best choice with water and sprays all around.

Procuring a salon chair online or other salon furniture offerings can be a complex decision. After all, with too many design and color options, multiple evaluation criteria, and the logistical difficulty of traveling to a physical store in the current health scenario. Thankfully, the FitoutZ online marketplace offers a perfect platform for making the right salon furniture choices with access to a bevy of salon furniture designs and color coordination options.