Let your visitors become your brand ambassadors

Let your visitors become your brand ambassadors

When it comes to branding, businesses often ignore certain key segments of people—your employees’ family and friends, representatives, and personnel of your service providers, and sales & marketing executives of suppliers. Think of them as your business’ extended family.

Along with your customers or prospective clients, they are potential brand ambassadors for you and your business. Each of them will have a wide network of contacts and in the right context and conversation, a mere mention of your office and its style will lead to new business.

Why visitor chairs become important for branding

Building a pool of loyal brand ambassadors is the most credible way to build confidence in your business. There is nothing like a known reference to add to the brand credibility you have already garnered due to your quality of work.

The first place of interaction with you and your business for your business’ extended family is your office. Designing your workplace that doubles up as a visible identity of your brand is not only a good idea but a direct investment to grow your business.

The first place your visitors are likely to interact with you is the waiting lounge and the lobby. The visitor chair in such places should tell your story, underline your concern and care for the visitors to your office, and create a lasting memory in their mind space. When well done, it sits in their mind for a long time and triggers the memory of a good office every time they think of one.

What goes into making a good visitor chair

The visitor chair has to project your core values, your statement, commitment to customers & your employees, and make a statement about your culture and ethics. This is important and a critical aspect of composing your brand story. Many organisations take the extra effort to get this right by hiring interior designers. The colours, the texture, type of chairs, material, and many other factors have to be considered while finalising the look and feel.

You should make sure that these chairs are comfortable, convenient, exude luxury and most important of all, provide a seamless experience to your visitors. Using the right material keeping the weather conditions and usage patterns in mind, making it accessible and comfortable, and providing a feeling of comfort or luxury is very important in deciding the right kind of visitor chair for your lounge and waiting areas.

Delivering a homogenous visitor experience

Your visitors are likely to visit other places in your office as well. Most common are the meeting rooms, the pantry for a cup of coffee, or the lunchrooms if the meetings draw out beyond time. Make sure your visitor chairs and other furniture are in complete synchronization with the overall visual experience in terms of colour, convenience, and functionality.

Delivering a homogenous experience will create a lasting memory in their mind space and therefore memorable experience that is sure to be spoken about in interactions outside.

Fortunately revamping your office furniture to give your visitors a unique experience and turn them into brand ambassadors need not be a hassle. Online platforms like fitoutz.com now provide an end to end service to procure your visitor chairs online transparently and seamlessly. The entire design, choice, and variety for selection and finally the installation process saves you critical time and money.