Pet Friendly Offices to Boost Your Employee Productivity

Pet Friendly Offices to Boost Your Employee Productivity

Pet friendly workplaces as a trend are catching up fast at new age workplaces. Companies like Google have already implemented policies that allow employees to bring in their pets to work. There are a few others who have an in-house pet, usually a cat or a dog that the entire office dotes on.

As companies evolve to meet the changing needs of the millennial workforce, innovative approaches to enhance job satisfaction of employees are underway. Companies now attract talent and hold up work-life balance as an important value and culture. By opening their doors to four-legged furry friends, companies hope to reap the benefits in terms of employee productivity and higher job satisfaction.

If you are looking to increase your employees’ productivity and morale, consider revamping your office to be pet friendly. Your office should accommodate the needs of the new four-legged co-worker and provide the adequate safety and hygiene for employees to work without hazards. Allocating space for pets to play and rest in, and creating the ideal pet shelter, then becomes critical.

Benefits of pet friendly workplaces for employees

A study by the University of Missouri - Columbia found that simply petting a dog for a few minutes a day helps release 'happy hormones' like serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin. These hormones are known to reduce stress levels, increase the capability to relax, and improve the person's overall mood.

Academic research also reports that employees who bring in pets or work at offices that have in-house pets have a higher level of job satisfaction and report higher levels of positive perception towards the employer. Petfriendly offices have reported a clear increase in employee productivity in such cases as well.

Design aspects to consider for pet friendly offices

Though the decision of a dog friendly workplace or a cat friendly office may seem the right thing to do for your employees, designing such a workplace that suits four-legged furry babies and visitors requires detailed thought. Such places require adequate facilities of care and maintenance.

Pet proofing your office space means making changes to some design elements that we take for granted. Access to food, doors, and walkways are some important aspects to consider. Pets also tend to shed hair, so carpets and other material used at the workplace that can gather dog hair or cat hair should be minimized or designed for easy maintenance.

How to select pet shelters for pet friendly workplaces

Most critical of all, pet friendly offices should have appropriate furniture designed specifically for pets to rest in and play about. Today, you have options for dog shelters and cat shelters that are simple in design and easy to maintain. The ideal shelter for your furry friends should also complement the overall office design and ambience. It should support the story that the workplace aspires to narrate and enhance the brand value.

Before you decide to make the workplace pet-friendly, consider the opinion of all the co-workers. Not all of them may like have an animal around at work. Some may be allergic to animals. Pet preferences may be as varied as your employees. But if you do choose to go ahead with a universally accepted design for your workplace, choose the right pet shelters that make life easier for both employees and pets.

A well-designed pet friendly workplace can significantly booth employee productivity and enhance job satisfaction. Designing it and executing it right may just get you those extra woofs of approval.

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