Lie Back During the Layovers

Lie Back During the Layovers

With air travel turning affordable, airports are filled with passengers from a variety of cultural backgrounds and geographies. DGCA, the apex authority for air traffic in India, estimates that approximately 13.9 crore passengers used Indian airports to travel between cities in the year 2018. This is about 18.6 % growth against the previous year. 

Similarly, co-working spaces are gaining traction as the ideal workplace for organisations, especially start-ups and mid-tier companies. Over 13 million people are expected to be working out of a co-working space by 2020. Customers and employees from various backgrounds, industries, and diverse cultures now walk through the waiting areas of such hubs.

Airport sofas and visitor chairs thus play a crucial role in such places in helping this floating population relax and take a moment to catch up. Waiting areas in airports and office lobbies are the first touchpoint with these organizations and are therefore critical for first impressions even as air passengers and office visitors lie back during their layovers.

What suppliers of waiting area furniture need to factor in

Passengers waiting to either catch a flight or office visitors out to meet someone in such waiting areas are people on the go. They like to spend their time productively—like catching up on work, making calls, reading the latest news—or just destress as they wait.

Airports now are similar to mega shopping malls, with passengers having the ability to shop, eat, and even get a relaxing massage. Office lobbies, on the other hand, have coffee kiosks, newspaper stands, soft music, and TV running the latest news.

The furniture in such waiting areas, therefore, has to be carefully designed to match the requirements of the users who are looking to get something productive done in a time bound way or are simply looking to destress. Ergonomically designed wide airport chair 3 seaters and office visitor chairs are an ideal fit in such places and are now designed to fit into the overall ambience.

Alternatively, airport waiting lounges tend to feature comfortable seating like recliners and sleep couches that help the passenger unwind during layovers. Waiting area chairs in airports and offices are now designed to be comfortable and yet aesthetically in-line with the overall design.

What do airports and businesses look for while redesigning their waiting areas

With passengers juggling bags and beverages, the furniture must be low on risk for damage and low on maintenance. The material, components, and other design factors of the furniture should factor in heavy usage and wear-and-tear. It should meet the cultural preferences of a cross-section of people from various backgrounds. In the case of an office lobby, it should be functional, user-friendly and be able to meet the requirements of every demographic possibility like height, weight, nature of usage, etc.

Airport sofas and visitor chairs at airport waiting lounges and office waiting areas are taking off bigtime when it comes to ensuring top notch first impressions and comfort for passengers and visitors. It is therefore critical to design and execute such pivotal furniture pieces and spaces with care. Waiting areas need to match a unique set of requirements that send the right message and the right narrative for the discerning buyer as well as the innovative supplier.