Let There Be Light: Putting the Gleam Back into your Office Lighting

Let There Be Light: Putting the Gleam Back into your Office Lighting

“Lights – Camera – Action”. Though this popular and is used in the film industry more often than in others, these three words are equally relevant in any working environment. Proper lighting in the workplace gets noticed by all. It triggers people working there into action. 

Office lighting is a critical component of your workplace design. It can make or break how and how much work gets done. Business leaders today place a significant amount of importance on office design to help boost productivity and the right lighting choices play an important role in it.

Impact of good & bad office lighting

The design of your office lighting can significantly impact the mind-set of your employees or customers. Lighting has a direct correlation to the mental state of your employees.

A white paper from the City University of London quotes a research study of how office lighting can impact the psychological, emotional, cognitive, and behavioural attributes of people. The study also shows that the right type of lighting can reduce luminous flicker and eye strain, enhance visual comfort, and increase worker performance by aligning with their body clock (Circadian Rhythm).

Worker controlled lighting solutions have potential for enhancing work satisfaction and employee retention. A well-thought-through design for office lighting can also double up as a brand enhancer of your workplace. By opting for lighting solutions that leave lesser carbon footprint of the globe, your organisation can be seen as a socially responsible employer.

Evolving trends in office lighting requirements

As the very definition and format of work changes in the digital era, lighting requirements are also fast-changing. In places like hospitals where the patients need a calm and soothing environment, COB lights can be an excellent fit. Schools will need a brighter and energetic setup and LED tube lights can be used in such cases.

In 24/7 workplaces where employees work in shifts, employee controlled lights are most useful and will be able to adjust the lighting brightness depending on the need. VDT (Visual Display Terminals) and computer users that involve continuous time at a computer screen can have a harsh impact on the eye. This can be balanced with right surface lights in the background. 

Trends in the design and manufacturing of office lighting solutions

One of the leading trends in office lighting solutions, LED technology significantly brings down the cost of lighting while making it durable and sustainable. LED panels can help in lighting up a large area with significantly lesser energy requirements. Non-Intrusive or obstructive lighting, like hanging lights, save crucial space on the floor.

Similarly, the makers of innovative lighting solutions are applying newer ways to ensure that the lighting solutions are cost-effective, durable, and safe that meet the regulatory guidelines, standards and norms of EN-12464-I. 

A good lighting solution for your workplace should improve morale, add brand value, and maintain employee's well-being while being functional, cost-effective, and safe. Platforms like Fitoutz - a single-window service provider - can throw new light on your office lighting procurement process and installations. Fitoutz is a new generation marketplace that connects organisations looking to improve their office lighting choices directly with manufacturers & designers. Explore Fitoutz to bring your workplace into the limelight.