Cafes, the new conference rooms of the Millennials

Cafes, the new conference rooms of the Millennials

The recent years have seen a significant change in working style preferences. With Millennials comprising a major chunk of the workforce, the digital age and changing social preferences about work have ushered people out of straitjacketed offices and work from virtually anywhere.

This has been helped along with the steady growth of gig jobs in the online sector like freelancers, content writers, designers, and videographers. As a natural consequence, the traditional office is losing its sheen and alternate working spaces like cafes and coffee shops are steaming ahead.

What Millennials look for in coffee shops and cafes

For Millennials, a cafe nearby is not just some place to grab some food or coffee and leave. Instead, it is an experience that they look for. The food, the aesthetics, the furniture, and lighting are an important part of this experience. Everything has to sync into a perfectly balanced narrative that provides a seamless and unified impression. The experience has to tell a story that sits well with these Millennials. Convenience is also a critical component. Technology and connectivity wherever applicable can enhance this experience manifold.

A well-crafted experience is significantly influenced by the design and quality of tables, lighting, and seating in a cafe or coffee house. Small groups huddled into quiet corners that provide privacy and seclusion from the rest of the floor will go a long way in building such an experience. The colour, fabric, and material of the furniture at the cafe or coffee shop can also influence the impression and branding. Millennials prefer minimalist and futuristic designs, while being functional and convenient. 

Cafes the new conference rooms for Millennials

Cafes and coffee shops, therefore, are seen as the alternate space and preferred by the Millennial generation for work. Such a setup is free from the lockdown appearance of a conventional office and opens up possibilities of creativity and innovative thinking. These coffee houses provide the right blend of anonymity, independence, and productivity for Millennials to work in a semi-formal ambience.  

Start-ups and small businesses that cannot afford an office design of their choice prefer cafes instead. They provide the ideal solution for being the transition place for meetings, conferences, and huddles.  Millennials prefer to collaborate and share information while working and expect fast connectivity and flexibility at the workplace.

What makes a cafe the conference room of the future?

A well-designed cafe can double up as a good conference space. It needs the right design elements like semi-formal desks, group seating, good internet connectivity, huddled seats, space for privacy, to have conversations without the disturbance from rest. The ability to navigate around the seating spaces in a comfortable manner and ambient lighting are also critical components of good design. Such a setup is perfect for meetings, huddles, and brainstorming sessions. 

A cafe need not be just a place to snack at anymore. With work preferences changing drastically, it can re-invent its purpose and value proposition for the customers. Agile working is the flavour of the season. A well-designed cafe can act as this 'alternate' working space or conference room and make every customer's visit an experience to cherish.